About Us


QuickCivilSeries is a software development company.
We specialise in developing civil / structural engineering software.

We have pioneered some incredible technologies that make modelling building structures fluid, fast, easy and simple. We introduced Reference By panel method that adds a floor slab panel in relation to an existing panel. This method makes the modelling fast, less complex and reduces the errors.

In QuickCivilSeries we like to keep things simple. Our software go the length to work and behave the way engineers are already used to working so that they don't need extra level of learning to understand the software. We like to mimic the natural way engineers work and design. We believe that software should not add to the complexities of problem solving but remove the complexities and actually solve problems that structural engineers face in their day to day work.

That is why our software is so natural. For example our Slab detailing tool is so close to the way engineers are use to detailing, It even call the bars out, the way so many engineers are trained to detail. Secondly our beam analysis tool is based on the moment distribution method but so optimism to a very high degree of accuracy. It produces the Moment distribution table, Bending moment and shear force diagrams. It doesn't use matrix method so that engineers are always in charge, they can check the design and own the design.

We are always pushing the boundaries to what is possible so that we can give our customers great value from the software.

Our software is used by so many engineers, companies, lecturers and students in polytechnics and universities across the world. 

We help so many engineers in developing countries to reach there full potential by providing them with the modern software tools they need in their day to day design work.



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