1. Basic Edition

£ 80 / $ 120



The basic edition handles upto 7Slab Panels.

It is good for students and young engineers.

It can handle very small buildings, like 2 bedroom flats and duplex.

2. Standard Edition

£ 270 / $ 400



The Standard Edition handles upto 20 Slab Panels.

It is good for Small building structural designs. Small Duplex like 4 Bedroom Duplex and single Flats.

3. Enterprise Edition

£ 430 / $ 630



The Enterprise Edition handles upto 40 Slab Panels.

It is good for Mid Sized building structural designs. Big Duplex and Block of Flats.

4. Professional Edition

£ 730 / $ 1100



The Professional Edition handles upto 60 Slab Panels.

It is good for Big building structural designs. It is good for big projects like School projects and Office prolects

5. Ultimate Edition

£ 1030 / $ 1500



The Ultimate Edition handles Limitless numbers of Slab Panels.

It is good for very large building structural designs. It has no limitations on the size of the project it can handle

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