QuickCivilSeries QuickStructure 9.0

Do you have a building design project and need to produce structural design drawings and calculation sheets? We have the software tool for that. With QuickCivilSeries QuickStructure 9.0 it is very easy to design, detail and produce detailed title blocked structural drawing of building and design calculation sheet.

To design with QuickStructure 9.0 is simple and easy:

Step 1: Get the Architectural drawing of the building, either on paper or digital copy in AutoCAD or any CAD program.

Step 2: Decide the Floor beam general arrangement.

Beam Details

Why you'll love QuickStructure 9.0 

  • Raft loading, Raft slab loading, Raft slab analysis, Raft slab design, Raft slab detailing


  • Raft beam loading, Raft beam analysis, Raft beam design, Raft beam detailing


  • Floor Beam general arrangement in a single click


  • Roof Beam general arrangement in a single click


  • Foundation Layout in a click


  • Project documentation. No writing, no typing, no proof reading and no hand calculation


  • Basic Drawing Tools - Rectangle, Circle, text, Arrows, Line, Ellipse, Arc, Semi-Circle, etc.


  • Create Title block in a click


  • Print drawing from the software. AutoCAD not needed. Scale Drawing.


  • Export drawing to AutoCAD in a click. All generated drawing in the software can be exported to AutoCAD in a click


  • Column analysis, Column design, Axially loaded column, Biaxial column, Uniaxial column


  • Steel Roof Truss Modelling


  • Steel Roof Truss Loading in a click


  • Steel Roof Truss Analysis


  • Import design general arrangement layout from AutoCAD DXF


  • Import truss modelling from AutoCAD DXF


  • It is easy to use and training on its use is readily available


  • It takes up the challenges civil engineers face on their work and produces solution that can handle such challenges in a CLICK


  • Our customers contributions are always reflected in updates


  • and many more..

  • Beam Detailing. Detail the entire floor beam in a click Beam detailing tools. Create your own beam rebar or edit software generated rebar


  • Save beam details as PDF or AutoCAD DXF file


  • Column Modelling. Automatic column modelling. Create column positions in a click


  • Column Loading. Automatic column loading. Load the entire column in a click


  • Column detailing. Detail the entire column in a click. Column detailing tool


  • Column map. Column map that shows the column layout. It contains all the info that will help you to compare and match property and column type ID of similar column


  • Foundation Modelling in a click


  • Foundation Loading. Automatic foundation loading in a click. The software generates foundation loading from the model in a click


  • Foundation analysis, Foundation design. all in a click


  • Foundation Detailing in a click


  • One Click Loading. Load the entire structure (roof beam - foundation) in a click


  • One Click Analysis. Analyse the entire structure in a click


  • One Click Design. Design the entire structure in a click


  • Structural Sketch pad. Sketch it, Analyse it, Design it, Detail it. It is just that simple


  • Simply sketch a beam, sketch the loading and the software will analyse, design and detail the beam.


  • This Software unlike so many in the market is very affordable


  • Our customers are informed of updates when available


  • 2D/3D Structural Modelling


  • Automatic Design Button (Real time  guide on how to design from loading to calculation sheets and detailed title blocked drawing


  • Floor slab modelling. Model in 2D, show in 3D in a click


  • Slab loading. Automatic loading or user defined loading. Loading at a click


  • Slab analysis in a click


  • Slab Design, Slab Deflection check


  • R.C. Slab detailing. Imagine the entire floor slab detailed in a click.- rebar’s, callout line etc.


  • R. C. Slab detailing tools. Edit a rebar (reinforcement bar) or simply create your own rebar, create zone indicators and callout lines. We have a tool for that


  • Save Slab details as PDF or AutoCAD DXF file


  • Beam modelling. Intelligent beam modelling technology. Create beam coordinates in a click once the slab panels has been established. Simple and fast. No double definitions. The software thinks for you It still gives you the power to create your own beam spans or edit the software generated beam spans. Beam loading. Automatic beam loading or load beam separately in the sketch pad and sync it.


  • Beam Analysis. Single and multiple beam span analysis


  • Multiple loading case consideration during analysis


  •  Moment Distribution table for different loading cases


  • Bending Moment Diagram for all loading cases


  • Shear Force Diagram for all loading cases


  • It produces exactly same result doing the job manually will produce


  • It produces its result very fast and with the highest degree of accuracy


  • It makes work easy, stress free and enjoyable